Slide Show Documenting a trip to my favorite place with my favorite person.

The piece was exhibited in the large street facade at the Hyde Park Art Center. Here is an excerpt from an interview about the piece on their website.

"In To Celebrate My Favorite Day, I explore how we create self-image through the objects we covet, the goods we consume, and the people we surround ourselves with.

On websites such as Myspace and Facebook, and to some degree in real life, individuals appropriate symbols, such as musical preferences or clothing brands, to create self-identities. Similarly, we are subconsciously trained to look for these visual and verbal ques in others to more efficiently understand what kind of a person they are. Both of these are valuable and necessary skills in today’s society, but they may rob us of challenging self-reflection, a sense of soulful individuality, and the chance to appreciate the complexities of others.

In the first part of this project I use more typical saccharine and safe preferences to create an identity, but later on, I also talk about things I dislike and present preferences that are more taboo than topics that come up in casual conversation. By doing this, I am am trying to paint a more three dimensional and true to life self portrait. I want to point out how narrow the spectrum of information we typically share is and how uncomfortable we can become when people share more information than is socially appropriate."