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If you've ever tried to teach a group of kids a card game from a Klutz guide, you know how quickly their eyes glaze over. This is sad because those of us who grew up playing poker or other card games with our families know that there's nothing more fun, energetic or present than a group of kids completely invested in a game.

Bear's Home Game will get kids aged 7-13 hooked on poker through an entertaining story and an understanding of the rules and strategy that make poker so captivating. In the book, Winters in the forest are lonely, so Bear invites his friends to his den to learn a new game and devour some tasty snacks. As Bear explains to his best friend Mouse, all the animals have characteristics that could help them win. But who will leave with all the chips? How do you play winning poker? What was Fox holding when he pulled off that big bluff? You'll have to read to find out.

More about yet to be titled Queso Baby Picture Book Manuscript

300 words of silly, lyrical baby and cheese goodness. Here's a snip...

She’s eaten queso in the Panhandle, the Hill Country, on the Boarder and the Coast. But she’s happiest in Austin where she can get her queso for breakfast instead of toast.


She doesn’t have a lot of words, but her cries definitely say, “If you come to Texas and you’re lactose free, you’ll get a hardy ‘Howdy,’ but don’t expect to be friends with me!”