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What Color is my Parachute?
kinetic sculpture
6' x 8' x 3'

Pedaling the bike powers a generator that powers lights that change colors and shine into a parachute. A copy of the well known self help book with the same title as the piece is hung from the handle bars.

Excerpt from an Interview on Chicago Art Review:

"Humor connects us, and it allows us to relate with one another. It’s a tool that makes discussing difficult topics easier. All of the work in this show was inspired by the genuine sentiment that if I stop laughing, even for just a moment, I will surely start crying.

On one level, my bike piece is just a funny and elaborate pun on the title of a cliche self-help book. But creating a sculpture about pedaling a bike while never getting anywhere also provided me a metaphorical outlet to cope with my own frustrating, depressing, indulgent, and seemingly never-ending existential crisis."