Shawnee Barton
Misfortune CookiesInstallation shot of Artist: UnemployedInstallation Shot Installation ShotWhat Color is my Parachute?Artist: UnemployedDetail of Artist: UnemployedPink SlipMisFortune CookiesA Recap of Recent Notable Daytime T.V. Moments for People who Can't Watch Because They are Doing Something Crazy During the Day Like Working.   Detail of RecapRecap Detail I need to get a job,
so that I can get a 401 (k),
so that I can have a happy and peaceful retirement filled with all the things I want and love.
Artist: Unemployed
Artist: Unemployed is open until January 9, 2010 at LivingRoom Gallery, 1530 West Superior Street in Chicago, IL.

From Press Release:

Making art is expensive, but it can be cheaper than therapy. In Artist: Unemployed interdisciplinary artist Shawnee Barton uses humor, humility, and her art practice to cope with being unemployed during the worst economic downturn our country has seen in sixty years.

In this installation at LivingRoom Gallery, the artist addresses subjects related to her inability to get a job including daytime television, arts policy, and her ongoing existential crisis.