Shawnee Barton
For implantation, the scrubs and team of nurses are back. Once I’m on the exam table, Dr. Garzo, Agarwal’s partner, uses a catheter to snake one single embryo inside my uterus. Placing the blastocyst in the right spot that will give it the best chance of implanting into the wall of my uterus (and at life) takes skill, finesse, and concentration. Watching him work, I think, “This is why he earns the big bucks.”

Everyone watches the ultrasound screen in awe as the doctor releases the embryo. It’s the closest thing to a miracle that I have ever seen. Later, a nurse tells me, “That part of my job never gets old.” At this moment, I feel so close to the life I want. The anticipation is palpable.

In every profession, it takes ego to be a star. Before Dr. Garzo leaves the room, he encourages everyone to congratulate me on my pregnancy. I am taken aback by his confidence, but excited nonetheless. It will be two excruciatingly long weeks before we know for sure if the he is right.
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