Shawnee Barton
Even though I see our baby on the screen, she still feels too good to be true. The heartache is still so fresh. But still, hearing her heartbeat through the ultrasound machine is thrilling.

I used to feel shame and sadness about my infertility, but now I understand that it is just physical problem. And dealing with infertility is a matter of simply trying to fix something that is broken.

Family and friends all told us to try for a year before worrying. I realize now that people offer that suggestion because they don’t know what else to say, not because it’s sound advice. I wouldn’t walk around with a broken arm for a year without getting a cast, so it seems silly and stupid that I didn’t seek medical help as soon as I felt something wasn’t right with our efforts to conceive.

Realizing that infertility is a physical problem has also made feel shocked and angry that so few states require health insurance companies to cover any costs related to infertility.
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