Shawnee Barton
All the medication I need for one cycle of IVF arrived today. It is overwhelming to realize that I will take all of this medicine. Seeing it makes me think for the first time, “This can’t be good for my body.” I am not worried enough to stop.

Thinking about insurance and talking to insurance companies takes up a lot of our time. For the IUIs we have tried previously, I bought vials of Folistim, the most expensive medicine required up to this point, from other women selling their leftovers at a discount. Those women have either gotten pregnant or given up.

For the IVF cycle though, I will need more vials than I can get from the pool of wanna-be-moms that I know. The retail cost of the medicine alone is over $5,000. So, we ended up switching to the only insurance plan we could find that covers any infertility related expense. The new company has paid about half of the medications we need. Every little bit helps.

Shortly after we received this first order of medicine though, the insurance company sent us a letter saying that they would no longer cover fertility medications after the year’s end. We squeezed in just before they eliminated the medication coverage. This one thing has gone our way.

Today I begin taking two weeks of hormones meant to stop my menstrual cycle, so that my doctor can restart it on his own clock and make it do things Mother Nature never intended.
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