Shawnee Barton
Despite research to the contrary, the cynic in me isn’t sure that acupuncture helps my infertility. But every time I leave my acupuncturist’s office, I am calmer than I am at any other time in the week. That alone makes seeing her worth it.

My doctors focus on lab report numbers and images on an ultrasound screen. The way they willfully ignore how I’m doing as a whole person gets me worked up. I like it when the acupuncturist asks me how I am sleeping and checks in with me about my energy (both physical and metaphysical); it reminds me to stay focused on the goal, not the process. She also reminds me that I only hurt my chances of getting pregnant if I stress over bad results and physical traits that I cannot change. Forcing myself to surrender to her hokey guided meditations helps me see my body as a soldier instead of a traitor.
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