Shawnee Barton
We had done all we could do, and I left my camera and precious eggs with the embryologist. She photographed this stainless steel table where she conceived every baby that we will most likely have as a couple.

Then she implanted one strong, healthy sperm into each of the eleven miracle eggs my doctor retrieved. This process is called ICSI, and it is now a standard procedure in most fertility clinics.

Before ICSI, one egg was placed in a Petri dish with a million or more sperm. The doctors then waited for a sperm to penetrate and fertilize the egg, just like it happens in those middle school sex-ed. videos. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t. Leaving a critical part of the IVF process up to chance is not acceptable to doctors who want to control every detail of the creation process or to women who have gone through a great deal to get to this point, which is why ICSI is a part of the standard procedure now.
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