Shawnee Barton
Even after implanting a sperm into an egg, there is no guarantee that it will fertilize and grow. We must wait several days to find out if our babies are growing. Then, the embryologist will look at each of our Petri dishes under a microscope. Hopefully, she will see that the eggs have transformed into blastocysts. A blastocyst is a cluster of five cells that will eventually divide, and divide again, until it becomes a baby. When she showed us this image of this blastocyst, which was eventually implanted inside me, I started to cry because it was the precious fruit of our labors, the beginning of a life. When she tells us that there isn’t just one, but that six of my eggs have matured into blastocysts, my husband begins to cry as well.

If one considers the moment of conception to be the beginning of life, then all of our children (assuming we are lucky enough to have more than one) will be conceived on the same day. They will be years apart in age, but each of their journeys started on the same stainless steel table, on the same exact day.
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